"Co-Active Leadership forces you to re-evaluate what’s important at work and home and provides an invaluable tool for those with a strong desire to lead at any level."

~ Chip Conley, NY Times Bestselling Author of Emotional Equations

About The Book

Top down, one-dimensional leadership models are hopelessly outdated in today's rapidly-changing world. They waste leadership ability that is present throughout an organization, not just at the top. In this visionary book, Karen and Henry Kimsey-House provide a model that harnesses the possibility of many, rather than relying on the power of one.

Co-Active Leadership is a deeply collaborative approach. We must be fully present and live lives of integrity, open-heartedness, and self-awareness if we are to make the kind of conscious, creative choices which Co-Active Leadership demands.

Co-Active Leadership uniquely celebrates and honors these different expressions of leadership. It invites all of us to share our expertise and allows collaborative solutions to emerge which would never have been possible otherwise.

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By Karen & Henry Kimsey-House
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Praise For This Book

  • "Co-Active Leadership gives us the framework we needed to co-create a better world together. Karen & Henry get it right, again. Our ever-complex world needs new multi-dimensional ways to be even more responsive and purposeful as we create life-enriching futures."
    ~ Kevin Cashman, Author of Leadership From The Inside Out
  • "Leadership books invariably come with the hidden promise that you’ll get other people to do what you want them to do so that you can raise above the pack. Here is a leadership book that comes from a deeper place. Leaders, in their perspective, are those who take responsibility for their world. "
    ~ Frederic Laloux, Author of Reinventing Organizations
  • "Karen and Henry are rooted in a new and profound understanding of creativity in the universe. Across industries, companies are replacing the model of top-down control with a model of collaborative synergies. There is no star CEO directing activities, rather, the organizing intelligence of the star comes from the interactions within community. Co-Active Leadership shows each of us how to move into this form of consciousness."
    ~ Brian Thomas Swimme, author of The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos
  • "You should get this book, read it, and do what it says. Karen and Henry wrote the book on coaching, and this current work extends their thinking and research into leadership. This is a chance to learn from the masters."
    ~ Dave Logan, NY Times Bestselling Co-Author of Tribal Leadership
  • "The Co-Active Leadership Model has been a powerful tool in the transformation of our organization from a more traditional structure to one of shared leadership where everyone feels a sense of responsibility for the whole. It’s been a remarkable shift and I would recommend this book highly to anyone seeking to enhance participation, unleash creativity and foster organizational change."
    ~ Bill Twist, Co-Founder & CEO Pachamama Alliance
  • "Co-Active Leadership is a ground-breaking book that cuts to the chase of what leadership really means in action! Clearly written with practical anecdotes, this is a must read for anyone seeking to be a true leader."
    ~ Adrian Hayes, World record-breaking adventurer, speaker & business coach
  • "I believe that everyone has the capacity to lead and this book could not say it any better. What a gift for anyone thinking about leadership. This book will help transform your approach to leadership as well as provide an excellent resource on Co-Active Leadership."
    ~ HRH Princess Noor bint Asem, Co-Active Coach, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Complimentary Resources

We believe your role is vital as a leader in shaping your world. The following complimentary resources are provided to help you grow and transform your leadership.

Co-Active Leadership

About Henry and Karen Kimsey-House

Henry and Karen Kimsey-House have always been fascinated with people. Through their pioneering work in coaching and their practical experience leading hundreds of leadership programs, they have inspired thousands to generate full self-expression, a deep sense of interconnectedness, and an ability to be responsible for their world.

In 1992, Henry and Karen met and co-founded the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) along with their partner, Laura Whitworth. CTI is now a global coaching and leadership development organization offering programs in 18 different countries.

More than 4,000 people have completed the Co-Active Leadership Program and are bringing Co-Active Leadership principles to organizations, governmental agencies, educational settings, nonprofits, coaching clients, and families around the world.


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Co-Active Leadership

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The authors begin with a new definition of leadership itself: “Leaders are those who are responsible for their world.” Which of course we all are - or should be - so that everyone is a leader.

Each of the dimensions work together holistically. Learn to lead from any angle. Depending on the situation, you may:

  • Lead from the front, offering guidance and inspiration.
  • Lead from behind, supporting and encouraging others
  • Lead from beside, partnering with and supporting other members of your team.
  • Lead from the field, drawing on insights and wisdom available beyond the rational mind.

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